Create the premier platform for tokenization of illiquid assets and deliver a stable asset-backed cryptocurrency while maintaining our uncompromising principles to grow an equitable social environment.

To redefine the owner equity relationship model in hard asset-backed currency transactions worldwide.

Technology innovations like blockchain enable new paradigms of thinking and exciting use cases never before thought possible.  The epitome of democratization, distributed blockchain applications are eroding many entrenched models recently held only by elite concentrations of power and wealth.  These applications are transparent by design, operating via the power of consensus.  We believe few things disinfect as effectively as sunlight, and no voice is more powerful than that of we, the people.

We first set out on this journey with a simple idea: connect property owners directly with individual investors large & small, and use the power of the crowd to circumvent large institutions on these typically complex and capital-intensive transactions.  Throughout the journey, many on our launch team shared heartbreaking stories of being crushed by large and unwieldy bureaucracies along with their penchant of reducing an entire lifetime of experiences down to a small set of numbers; mainly how much profit those numbers represented for those in power.

Everyday citizens are the ones out there doing the work, creating the wealth, and making all the wheels turn.  We believe our technology will provide the tools for these very same people to take back the fruits of their labor, remove increasingly unnecessary gatekeepers, and provide a stable store of value upon which they can rely to be there later in life for themselves and their loved ones.  Fostering an environment where no challenge is too big or too bold, we encourage each and every one of our team members to dream of what’s possible when citizens collaborate directly with each other without borders or artificially induced monopolies standing in the way.

Everyone at Turbadium sees a bright future; not just for a select few holding special positions, passports, or titles, but for all people from every walk of life.