World Crypto Economic Forum: Jan 15-16 2018, South San Francisco, CA

This event has completed.

World Crypto Economic Forum, Jan 15-16 2018

The WCEF conference at the South San Francisco Conference Center in South San Francisco, CA on January 15-16 2018 was the first major blockchain & crypto event of the year and a smashing success!  We were lucky enough to have two main-stage presentations — the general track on Day 1 and the technical track on Day 2.

At the general track, Turbadium CEO and Co-Founder Scott Harms delivered an overview of using asset tokens as the primary means to generate or destroy crypto-monetary supply, resulting in market forces freely competing to reach an equilibrium; This approach brings stability and measurable intrinsic value to cryptocurrencies and ushers in the return of sound money, while democratizing the world of high finance and returning it to the people.

A copy of the Token Track presentation can be found here.

CEO Scott Harms at the World Crypto Economic Forum, January 15 2018

At the developer track, Turbadium CTO and Co-Founder Andrew Gaiziunas provided an introduction to the UBL (Unified Blockchain Lattice) framework. The UBL is what allows multiple blockchains to interact and trigger transactions within the lattice, without the need for centralization or modification of the interacting chains. This underlying architecture allows scalable and lightweight cryptocurrency chains to interact with more complex and heavier asset chains while maintaining the decentralized model of trust and authority.

A copy of the Developer Track presentation can be found here.

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