Next Generation Blockchain: Nov 20 2017, San Mateo CA

This event has completed.

We would like to thank Peter Bei Qin of SVInsight and DraperU Hero City for hosting the Next Generation Blockchain event on November 20, 2017.

NextGen Blockchain Event 2017
(left to right) Turbadium CEO Scott Harms, COO of SVInsight Peter Bei Qin, Turbadium CTO Andrew Gaiziunas and Raj Sreenivasan, Turbadium’s Millenial Strategy Officer at DraperU NextGen Blockchain 2017

Xiahong Lin of Bodhi Prediction Market, Keep project lead Matt Luongo, and Richard Ma of QuantStamp had some great perspectives to share on the future of blockchain applications. Turbadium is blazing new trails in what is sure to bring about a sea change as significant as the industrial revolution — what this group of bright minds considers ‘Web 3.0’ but with ramifications in our physical world far greater than the digital one.

We look forward to participating in future events hosted by SVInsight and DraperU, namely the upcoming symposium on January 26-28 2018.

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