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A cryptocurrency transparently backed by fixed assets

Frictionless Ownership

Know precisely what’s in your wallet


The initial implementation of Turbadium is focused on residential and commercial real estate, bringing property owners together with individuals looking for a cryptocurrency backed by hard, tangible assets.  General (free) users of the cryptocurrency can feel secure knowing their holdings are backed by a transparent, registered, and audited portfolio of existing assets.  Property owners are able to activate and release the current equity in their assets, buying and selling shares at will as prices fluctuate on the secondary markets.

Turbadium will provide an alternative for traditional banking when it comes to financing real estate or accessing equity.  Eliminating all the costs associated with a conventional mortgage or loan product results in a more equitable social environment.  Turbadium connects equity owners directly with investors, cutting out high-cost/low-value middlemen while simultaneously abolishing monthly payments, short-sale filings, threats of foreclosures, and predatory lending practices including reverse mortgages and variable interest rates.

The Turbadium Exchange is opening to the public participation in 2018, permanently disrupting the archaic models of real estate finance, personal investment, and traditional asset ownership we use today.  Following launch of the Real Estate application, Turbadium plans to apply the same framework to “tokenize all things”:  supply chain inventories, mineral rights and proven reserves, factories, aircraft, even public lands and infrastructure.

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Turbadium democratizes the world of elite finance, changing the way people think about assets, money, and daily commerce.

Sound Money is making a grand comeback in 2018. Be prepared when it arrives.

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